Children’s Sketches Come to Life at Sketch City

Last December 2015, The Future Park, a “digital playground” for kids opened its doors at the Century City Mall. Future Park showcases various digital interactive installations from around the world; which include interactive floor projections, interactive walls, virtual reality games, multiplayer racing games, and Sketch City — a digital coloring book where kids get to see their drawings come to life.

The Future Park

Sketch City unleashes the creativity of guests of Future Park by letting them color in various vehicles, boats, airplanes, and buildings with crayons. Their drawings are then scanned by one of the two scanning stations to be brought to life on 28 x 11 foot wall projection! The projection on the wall features a crayon-themed city populated by the guest’s drawings. Cars, planes, boats whizz around the city, while buildings and houses are delivered via blimps and airships. Kids get to choose from up to 10 different vehicles and buildings to color in.

Future Park Sketch City Wall Projection

Future Park Sketch City Coloring

Future Park Sketch City Drawing

Future Park Sketch City Scanning

Future Park is open from 11:AM to 8:30PM, Mondays to Sundays, at the Century City Mall.

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