3Decorating Christmas with The Hand Creative

To celebrate the Christmas festivities of 2015, The Hand Creative created an iOS and Android Virtual Reality Christmas Campaign!

The game features a 3D Filipino-themed village which the player must decorate and prepare for Christmas Eve. Armed with a Christmas list, the player must walk around the village (by tilting their device downwards), and collecting various Christmas items: A Bell, Christmas Lights, Gifts, a Crown, and a Parol (Lantern). As users collect the items, the village slowly comes to life with animated lights, bouncing gifts, a nativity scene, music, and finally, a lantern atop a Christmas tree. The game ends with fireflies and fireworks lighting the scene, and a greeting from The Hand Creative.

Christmas Quest VR The Hand Creative Dark

Christmas Quest VR The Hand Creative

Christmas Quest VR The Hand Creative Ending

The game can be downloaded on Google Play and the Apple App Store from https://thehandcreative.com/vrxmas

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