Yamaha’s Future Forward Registration Tool


Yamaha Philippines and LEN Plus tapped The Hand Creative Technology to create a registration system for the attendees of Yamaha’s MID Summit 2012. Not only should the registration system be easy for the guests to use, but it also had to communicate the event’s “High-tech” theme.


The Hand Creative Technology fabricated and built the software for three touch-screen registration kiosks for Yamaha’s VIP guests. Through the touch-screen, the guest registers, takes his photo, and has his ID printed in three easy steps.


During the event, our three registration kiosks printed out 260+ IDs for Yamaha’s guests. By optimizing the whole process, guests were able to have their IDs ready in less than a minute each.

Concept: LEN Plus
Creatives and Software Development: The Hand Creative Technology
Kiosk Fabrication: Donut 168 Ads

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