Don’t Let The Ball Hit The Ground!


Unilever Philippines had a media launch for Clear at the Rockwell Tent to introduce their community reach-out campaign, and their new celebrity endorsers – James and Phil Younghusband. Unilever decided to entertain members of the press, and all attendees of the event with a fun, motion-based, soccer game.


In line with the event’s soccer theme, The Hand Creative Technology built a custom-developed Kinect game that allowed the guests to bounce a virtual soccer ball on their heads. The goal of the game is to keep the ball up in the air for as long and as high as possible. The higher the ball bounces, the more points the player earns!

To model the soccer ball’s movement, we implemented a physics engine into the game. This allowed the ball to react to both the strength and the angle of the player’s bounces. As a result, players were always on their toes to keep the ball from falling!

After every 100th point, a cheering animation plays and the player’s picture is taken. When the game ends, the last picture taken is saved locally on the computer for future retrieval.


A total of 213 games were played within 3 hours. A variety of people played and enjoyed the game including media people, celebrities, venue staff, and other guests from young and old alike.

Concept and Creatives: Ogilvy & Mather Philippines
Software Development: The Hand Creative Technology
Kiosk Fabrication: Donut 168 Ads

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