In celebration of Oreo’s 100th Birthday, Dairy Queen Philippines offered 3 new delicious Oreo flavored Blizzards — Mango with Oreo, Strawberry with Oreo and Cheesecake with Oreo.


Dairy Queen wanted to drive their Facebook fans to their Dairy Queen stores to try out the new Oreo Blizzards. At the same time, they also wanted their loyal customers to become fans of their Facebook page.


Dairy Queen Philippines approached The Hand Creative Technology and developed an augmented-reality Facebook App and Promo with an out-of-home twist!

  1. Augmented reality marker standees were printed out and distributed in DQ stores throughout the Metro.
  2. To join the promo, participants must take a photo of these standees using any phone with a camera (iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, or Nokia phones).
  3. They then show the picture they took to the Facebook Application found in Dairy Queen Philippines’ Facebook fan page to join the promo!
  4. Once the markers are detected, the different Oreo Blizzard flavors are animated and overlay-ed on-screen on top of their phones!

To make sure that marker detection and animation was quick and smooth for everyone, The Hand Creative Technology developed their own glare-compensation algorithm! The result was a smooth experience for all participants despite varying differences in phone size, glare, and camera quality.


Within a month of running the promo, a total of 876 photos were submitted, driving a proportionate amount of visitors to different Dairy Queen Stores around the Metro. Dairy Queen Philippines’ Facebook fan base increased by 18%, averaging 540+ new fans per day. At the end of the campaign, Dairy Queen Philippines gained a grand total of 16,819 NEW fans in their fanpage.

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