Celebrating Dairy Queen’s Black Forest

Dairy Queen Philippines contacted The Hand Creative Technology to create a Christmas / New-year themed Facebook application to promote their new Black Forest Blizzard Flavors.

The Hand Creative Technology developed a Facebook augmented-reality campaign that allowed DQ fans to create, customize, and share their own Christmas and New Year greetings.


  1. To join the promo, participants must take a photo of augmented-reality using any phone with a camera (iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, or Nokia phones).
  2. They then show the picture they took to a Facebook Application found in Dairy Queen Philippines’ Facebook fan page to see the new Black Forest Blizzard flavors via Augmented Reality and to take a snapshot of the animation.
  3. After taking a snapshot, they then customize their greeting card by typing a message and decorating the card using Christmas balls, snowflakes, mistletoe, etc.

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