Live AR: Visually Satisfying Virtual Models


Castrol Philippines approached Altitude Events and The Hand Creative Technology to create a live augmented-reality installation to promote Castrol Activ’s Actibond during this year’s biggest motoring event: The Inside Racing Bike Festival and Tradeshow.


To attract event-goers, a 9 x 12 ft LED screen streaming a live video feed of a Castrol-themed motorcycle was set-up on a stage.

Participants who ride the motorcycle are magically joined on-screen by 5 stunning Castrol Activ Virtual Actibond ladies. They cling, flirt, and pose with the participant for a photo which can be later retrieved on the Team Castrol Racing Facebook fanpage.


In a span of two days, 500 photos were taken and uploaded to Castrol’s Facebook fanpage, and their fanbase increased by 30%.

Concept and Creatives: Altitude Events
Software Development: The Hand Creative Technology

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